Event ideas with aviation inspiration

Two of our staff members actually have sisters that are pregnant and this morning we were talking about ideas for their baby showers.  Once you get our staff brainstorming, the ideas just take off (no pun intended).  So today’s post is all things baby.  The greatest thing about hosting an event at SUN ‘n FUN is our variety of spaces available AND at a great price due to the fact that we are a 501(c) 3.  Not only do you get a great venue but you are also making a contribution to aviation education! 

On that note, we just booked a baby shower here at the Cessna Building for the end of June.  She is having a baby boy and decided on an aviation theme. When we first spoke with her, she said she imagined a room with an area in front of the building with grass for the kids to run around overlooking an airport so the guests could watch airplanes land during the event.  Our Cessna Building was the perfect spot!  In the name of inspiration, here are some of our favorite aviation baby shower ideas. (Courtesy of Pintrest.com)


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